Your Dr. Bruce finds himself back in Islamabad, Pakistan spending one beautiful April spring day at a flower-decked lakeside retreat hand-crafted by a dear friend, Shahnaz Minallah. We spent a delightful time “gup shupping” (Pakistani for shooting the breeze) while breezes flowed and Pashtuns from the wild north worked around us. We explored the theme of “lock-in” which is entering Pakistani society with Chinese development to garner millions in apartment building/shopping mall/smartphone living. Lock-in will soon threaten thousand year old ways of life including craft hand-workers such as a Pashtun weaver who “says a prayer with every thread.” Shahnaz vows to do something about it by creating an online export business to preserve these ancient and beautiful crafts and village ways. In between we speak about our shared passion for healing practices and the rise of “Jedis” and their energetic “Force” around the world. Credits: Shahnaz Minallah & Dr. Bruce Damer (recording and discussion) [released 26 April 2018]


Views of Bani Gala lakeside retreat