With the passing of Ram Dass, your Dr. Bruce speaks from his heart to prepare humanity for the decade of the 2020s, calling for a humane and sane response to coming climate shocks, giving a happy report on the publication of the Hot Spring Hypothesis for and Origin of Life article (his greatest intellectual work), and the blessing of his new home, the Gandalf Wizard’s Abode. He departs 2019 in bed in a state of exhaustion, but also holding deep gratitude for our very existence and the conscious, loving awareness which humanity can attain through a Human Wellbeing Climate Moonshot. Credits: Dr. Bruce Damer (recording and editing), Sun Lundell (cover photo). [released 30 December 2019]


Dr. Bruce Damer and Prof. David Deamer’s new article “The Hot Spring Hypothesis for an Origin of Life”¬†published in Astrobiology Journal (Dec 16, 2019).