Your Dr. Bruce returns after yet another four month absence from the Levity Zone. I am thrilled to report that my life transition is going very well with this property transforming into a community with members and retreats, a dream of mine for 25 years. My “Gandalf House” rising on the hill is almost complete and I moved into the upstairs back on June 30th. New ventures are progressing with Mason and Carlos and I am even getting involved in a global effort called Climate Mitigation Associates which will build a network of experts to help bridge our civilization over the coming shocks from climate change. On top of this I have started a Patreon and 20 of you have already signed up! Find the link to my Patreon page, which has many tiers of benefits, in the resources for this podcast. This episode of the Levity Zone features a dinner talk I gave at Thompson Rivers University in my hometown of Kamloops in south central British Columbia, Canada back on March 29th, 2019. I was honored there as “Distinguished Research Alumn” by the university which I attended right out of (and during) high school in 1979-82. What I was moved to do that night was to give my most heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the people and land that really made me, a sort of love poem to my home community. Kamloops is at the center of some key early climate changes as you will hear from some of the audience questions. Thanks go out to Nancy Bepple and the staff of TRU for making this beautiful event happen, and to my surviving family members, Eric and Susan Damer and cousins Margaret and Mike Stewart-Smith and the many other friends who came and occupied two tables. It may be a truism that once in your life “the boy, or girl, must come home” and boy did I do that! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! Credits: Thompson Rivers University faculty and staff (hosts), Dr. Bruce Damer (recording and editing), Kristof (audio cleanup), Eric Damer (cover photo). [released 31 August 2019]


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Short documentary made of my life for the Distinguished Alumni Award (thanks TRU!).

Video of my talk at TRU the previous day (March 28, 2019)

Gallery of images from the TRU Distinguished Alumni Awards dinner and my talk the previous day: