For the 60th Levity Zone podcast, Dr. Bruce brings you Communion in the Pyramid, a team performance of cosmic proportions held at Burning Man 2017. Join Samantha Sweetwater for an invocation from our deepest communal origins followed by Valentin Santana and Andre Reinero (aka DJ DISSOLV) rocking their board bringing forth a new composition in their “Calibrate” line… danced to by the phenomenal Jasmine. A crack of thunder signaled yours truly, the Wizard, to stride slowly forward into the light on stage in possibly the largest interior space ever constructed on the Playa. Burner brothers and sisters were then piloted on a vocal and musical journey from life’s origins to the point where we monkeys set foot on our moon and turned on at the Summer of Love, fifty years ago. The illuminated disk ship that is Burning Man then wheeled its way through alien encounters toward a glorious future in the cosmos. Credits: Brad Nye, Chris Krywulak, Mark Lee and the organizers of Playa Alchemist for the venue; Josiah Ruben and his team at Promosa (stage support, audio recording); Samantha Sweetwater (leadership, invocation, choreography); DISSOLV (music, effects); Jasmine (dance) and Dr. Bruce Damer (spoken word journey). [Released 30 December 2017]

Video segments of the Wizards Light “Deep Communion” shows at Playalchemist, Burning Man 2017
Dr. Bruce’s talk at Palenque Norte 2017 (Burning Man) on The Origin and Future of Life

Views from the Deep Communion shows at PlayaAlchemist, Burning Man 2017