For thirty years, Dr.Bruce (Damer) has surfed the wave walls of human science & technology riding on a board of visionary imagination. He now returns to shore bringing alchemical gold: that there is cause for hope, and that a wondrous unimaginable future lies before us if we will only open our eyes, become aware of forces competing for that future, and start our own journeys there. This podcast is his community offering… listen and add your own voice!.

Dr.Bruce is a polymath scientist and designer who has rambled for decades across the human enterprise creating everything from missions to asteroids for NASA, virtual worlds in avatar cyberspace, the DigiBarn computer museum, renaissance CyberGarments, and the Genesis Engine, a conceptual machine for solving the mystery of the origin of life. For more about Dr.Bruce see this short video and dive deeper into his personal site here ( If this video doesn’t play find it in our archive here.