Dr. Bruce returns from evacuation to tell the dramatic, traumatic tale of the horrific CZU fire nearby, coming within a mile of Ancient Oaks. Climate shocks come home as giant redwoods burn bottom to top for the first time in a thousand years. A pattern break, and then another, and another will impact and transform our lives, individually and collectively as we move deeper into the century. Dr. Bruce himself is entering into his own pattern break, a month of breaking from his mostly mental life into a new state with nowhere to go, nothing to do. How often do we just… stop? While in this state he plans to test a hypothesis, that there is something deep within, and casting its tendrils far and wide in our lives: the Field. The Field is a probabilistic ninja, hurdling walls of improbability to shape our futures. Our focused attention in the Field could just possibly pull us through the coming siege of pattern breaks, forcing us to survive and thrive as the body human moves toward life and light. After this update, we then dive into Levity Salon #9: “Is there a silver lining in an orange cloud?”, featuring discussions with Salon regulars on the subject of the fires, pattern breaks, metamordernism, post-traumatic recovery and more on the Field. Credits: Dr. Bruce Damer (hosting and recording) and Aaron Thayne (Levity Salon edit). [released 30 September, 2020]

LevitySalon9-comp-CZU-fire-imagesOrange haze over the surviving town of Boulder Creek, and the explosion of the CZU Complex Fire, August 2020.