Dr. Bruce returns for 2021 to mark Terence (McKenna) Day, take up his call for "boundary dissolution" and update Terence's notion of "novelty" to new science to understand how the universe complexifies and how life itself might have arisen.

Dr. Bruce returns for the first Levity Zone of 2021 to mark “Terence Day” celebrating 21 years since entheo-raconteur Terence McKenna passed through the azure veil on April 3rd, 2000. Terence’s call to dissolve the boundaries which separate us inspired this rap on how humanity might move forward with healing the trauma beneath these divisions. Since Terence’s time we know these boundaries better than ever and the little inner personalities within which can sometimes drive us to be less than our better natures. Next, taking up where Terence left off with his notions of novelty, Dr. Bruce recounts his past two decades of work to characterize how the universe could build its complexity through a formulaic “wiggle”, and how this insight led to the “Hot Spring Hypothesis” for the origin of life. So, join us now for this special recounting recorded from Dr. Bruce’s presentation to a room in the Clubhouse app celebrating “International Boundary Dissolution Day.” Credits: Dr. Bruce Damer (hosting and recording) and Aaron Thayne (editing, music layering, cover art), photo of Bruce and Terence by Galen Brandt. [released 15 April, 2021]