Dr. Bruce returns for another TubCast with Allan Lundell in a pot boiling historical hot tub conversation about the origins and evolution of the power structures, brokers and abusers we find ourselves surrounded by today. Part One of this investigation takes us through the shaping of power from the temple at Eleusis through the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution up to Dr. Bruce’s 1986 meeting of “Kojak and the Serpent”. Dr. Bruce then offers a ray of hope through science and the shaman’s understanding of childhood traumas that underlie all of the old and new pathological abuses of power we see rising. Dr. Bruce puts forth that it may be possible to call forth a larger intelligence to heal these traumas and open up the path to a sustainable and brilliant future for humanity. Allan Lundell and Dr. Bruce Damer (recording and cover art). [released 28 February 2017]



One of the Flagmen of Lowestoft included this portrait of Sir John Harman (1666) which hangs in the Greenwich Maritime Museum and is considered one of the finest ever painted of a seaman (by Sir Peter Lely). Sir John is a presumed ancestor of Dr. Bruce who he mentioned in the above podcast. Also see his description in The Diary of Samuel Pepys and in a biographical article here.