Dr. R.P. Kaushik returns to the Levity Zone to describe how listening to the body and becoming the observer separate from mind can open us to a healing and transformative intelligent energy. This energy can unify us with what is: the source of life itself. Dr. Bruce has recently been engaged in practices that are taking him closer to opening to this energy, so his heart was wide open to Dr. Kaushik’s telling of this link between the body, the mind and this path to transformation. As our world is increasingly dominated by fear and anxiety through politics and the pressures of life, we need such sage guidance more than ever. When it comes right down to it, as Dr. Kaushik says… “there is only one problem and one solution”. Credits: Dr. Bruce Damer (introducer), Dr. R.P. Kaushik (presenter),  Mystical Sun (music), Jacob Aman (site and cover art).  [released 21 March 2017]


Towards a New Consciousness book by Dr. R. P. Kaushik

Towards a New Consciousness book by Dr. R. P. Kaushik (Sentient Publications)