Join Dr. Bruce midway through his 2015 Levity Zone down under tour of eastern Australia. In an artsy warehouse in the artsy Sydney district of Newtown Dr. Bruce presented an evening serenade of visionary story threads woven with the chill tones of live DJ Tsentsak (aka Richard Baron). Lie back with the Aussies and take in part one of a trip through our deepest history hyperdriving up through to the fragile but potent present, riding the liminal zone between reason and magick. Credits: Dr. Bruce and Vince Polito (intro), DJ Tzentsak (music), Bo Millward (sound editing), Craig Brown (aka Slinky and Snudis-photography), Jacob Aman (site and cover art). [released 27 March 2015]


Art composed to this podcast by Joshua Wine Morriston!



Levity Tour Down Under poster, thanks to good friends in Brisbane and Melbourne for creating this excellent poster!