This second Ojai Salon opens with the sharing of a vision transporting us to the world of 2050. In this wondrous world of the imagination the ideal outcome has occurred and we are living in a safe, sane and healthy  civilization nestled nicely on a recovered and restored verdant Earth. How did we get there? Suspend yourself in disbelief for a while and just settle back and enjoy the given vision. In the next episode the audience dialogue will dive into how we might actually get there. Credits: Dr. Bruce Damer (intro, editing), Amara (sound cleanup), Steve Murtaugh (music-see his Splanc portfolio here), Lora Bloom (singing), Jacob Aman (art), Jeffrey Harris (introduction and photography). Find the voice-only version here. [released 19 July 2013]

Ten Optimal Outcomes for 2050


Ten Optimal Outcomes in one Vision of a World of 2050:

  1. One third to one fifth of the current population yielding a healthy inner and outer world;
  2. A recovering natural world, conserving of resources, renewable energy and recycling of waste dumps;
  3. A society with a total focus on early childhood development, the top priority for 2050, creating a world of the heart over the mind;
  4. Human world finally moving beyond religion to healthy and universally respected self-directed spiritual practices;
  5. Wisdom and proven practices around the issue of personality & psychopathy in leadership;
  6. A world free of warriors, military-industrial-governmental complexes, and sociopathy in leadership;
  7. A world blessed by a sane and finely tuned economic sphere with no bubbles and nobody gaming the system;
  8. A respect for the animal and plant kingdom, a largely vegetarian world;
  9. A world of vastly decreased life pace, less demands on people, more time for leisure and healthy lifestyles;
  10. A world with a plan, for 50, 100 or 500 years: extend life, colonize space, map and understand our minds?

A Voice from the Zone

Some paraphrases of favorite parts of this podcast “The World of 2050” as sent in by a listener:

  • Young people being presented with careers they don’t want in organizations they don’t believe in
  • The pressure is off the land due to a smaller population
  • Slowing the civilization down… driving 35-50 mph on the parkway and still understanding the world that is going by
  • The Victorian rail system into Ojai at 35 mph and it doesn’t matter its slower because there are so fewer demands on your life/time
  • Mining landfills… and taking care of the earth!