Dr. Bruce presents his most deeply held idea: a new hypothesis for how life began on the Earth, The Coupled Phases model was developed over thirty years of inquiry and completed with the collaboration of his mentor and colleague at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Professor David Deamer. Hear how the model works and how it might help us refigure our civilization, first in his TEDx Santa Cruz talk, then in an interview on the Midwest Real podcast, and finally from his presentation of at the Astrobiology Science Conference in Chicago. It’s been a truly stunning three months for Dr. Bruce from April to June of 2015. Credits: Dr. Bruce Damer (introducer and presenter), TEDxSantaCruz (event host), Ryan Norkus (TEDx graphics and animation), Reno de Caro (Photography), Bo Millward (sound editing), Michael Phillip (Midwest Real Podcast segment), Jacob Aman (site). [released 7 July 2015]

Additional Resources

Find the video of Dr. Bruce Damer’s second TEDx talk on  the origin of life.
Also see his first TEDxSantaCruz talk on Next:Space here relating in an interesting way to the second one.

Find our paper on the Coupled Phases model for the origin of life as published  here in the Life Journal.

The Midwest Real Podcast by Michael Phillip is here: http://midwestreal.net