Dr. Bruce returns after a magickal mystery tour of epic proportions performing and speaking at the Oregon Eclipse festival and then on to Burning Man. Join John Zielinski, Michael Moore and Dr. Bruce on a hillside above the Eclipse stage to witness the union of darkness and light as totality swept across Eastern Oregon on August 21, 2017. The boys wax poetic on what all of this means as the totality tells the story of perfect chance that pulled us into existence. Shpongle provides a surprise musickal gift to the thousands of gob smacked revelers. Credits: Michael Moore, John Zielinski and Dr. Bruce Damer (conversants), John Zielinski (cover art photo), Mystical Sun (intro and outro music). [released 29 Sept 2017]


An excellent article in SFStation mentioned the Hub and some of our talks (Michael Garfield and Bruce Damer) as a highlight of the Symbiosis-Oregon Eclipse festival:

Video, audio and short of our show Song of Saros at the Fringe Theater at Oregon Eclipse Festival

Video, audio and shots of our two Deep Communion shows by Wizards Light at the Playalchemist Pyramid

Select shots of the Oregon Eclipse festival experience by Dr. Bruce