Returning from the Deep 90s back to the future in 2015 Dr. Bruce joins Allan Lundell and his mythic friend Peter Fae for a hot tub confab high on the mountaintop of Future Peak in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Not only is Al a true bon homme but he is also a keen observer of the cyber-culture and developing trends in tech and the social landscape, chronicling all of this in his KSCO Santa Cruz radio show, Dr. Future. Realizing a twenty year dream of networking hot tub conversations, Dr. Bruce, Al and Peter present their first ever TubCast for the Levity Zone. Dip in as the three tubsters ply the waters of topics as diverse as the veracity of spiritual teachers, the interplay between science and Gaia, an upcoming schmooze cruise with the billionaire set, recent insights on a new theory of the origin of life, and living within the avatars of our mythic selves. Emerging from the epic soak Al piloted his brand new high-def drone on its maiden voyage high off Future Peak to a fate uncertain. Credits: Allan Lundell (TubCast host and recorder), Dr. Bruce Damer (Tubster) and Peter Fae (Mythic Threader and Documenter), Jim Matus (theme music). [released 28 November 2015]

Video of Dr. Bruce talking in the hot tub at Future Peak (credit Peter Fae)

The hot tub at Future Peak: