Recorded at the Blue Lotus Temple of Sound and Light, this is the first of the “studio sessions” to be brought out into the Levity Zone. Featuring musician, artist and neighbor Dhiren Dasu in conversation with Dr. Bruce we tackle a topic not often taken on: the viability of the festival scene and the image and the reality of the “counter’ or ‘bubble’ culture lifestyle prevalent on the West Coast of the US and elsewhere. As the philosopher Alan Watts counseled fifty years before, Dr. Bruce offers loving but concerted advice to young people that while you pursue peak experiences you must also develop skills and a grounding in this life. Credits: Dhiren Dasu and Dr. Bruce Damer (discussants, recording, editing), Dubr8r (music), Penny Slinger (photography) and Jacob Aman (layout). [released 15 April 2014]

Shots of Dhiren & Dr. Bruce in the Studio