Join us for part 2 of the controversial Radical Remake show with Dr. Bruce, and KSCO Radio’s Michael Zwerling as they take on a barrage of callers from a mostly politically right of center listenership. As a preamble Dr. Bruce summarizes the five points his Radical Remake blueprint as well as Lawrence Lessig’s book Republic Lost. Both documents outline how a constitutional convention might be held in the USA to deal with corruption and reboot the country’s system of governance. Credits: Dr. Bruce Damer, Michael Zwerling, Jacob Aman (cover art). [released 11 Dec 2014]

Dive Deeper into this Podcast:

Find draft version 3d of By and for the 99%, a visionary Blueprint for a Radical Remake of America (or any country) posted November 14, 2011 here on the Levity Zone or on Facebook (with discussion).

Lawrence Lessig’s book Republic Lost can be downloaded for free here.

Find the Saturday Special show on the Radical Remake with Dr. Bruce and Michael Zwerling on KSCO 1080 here (November 19, 2011) as well as the original version of the “Visionary Blueprint for a Radical Remake of America” on the Dr. Future Show on KSCO (November 15, 2011). The original longer version of this show is on the Psychedelic Salon Podcast (#305) with comments.

Lastly, check out the World of 2050, podcast 013 in the Levity Zone, which makes another take on Radical Remake.