This first audience Q&A session for the second Ojai Salon (podcat 013) treats the sharing of a vision of a sane, sustainable and healthy world of the year 2050. We return to that intimate evening in a stone room in Ojai, California in June of 2013 and dive into dialogue, theories and stories shared by our audience. Audience contributor Dennis Leary emerges here as a powerful new voice of the Levity Zone. Credits: Dr. Bruce Damer (intro, editing), Steve Murtaugh (music-see his Splanc portfolio here), Jacob Aman (art), Jeffrey Harris (photography). [released 30 July 2013]


Blombos Cave, South Africa (Early Humans)

The Blombos Cave east of Cape Town in South Africa is mentioned in this podcast and may have been a site for a group of what became the originating community of early humans with essentially modern traits.

Çatal Hüyük, early city in Turkey

Çatal Hüyük, an amazing archaeological site in Turkey featuring one of the earliest cities in human history. This was mentioned in the podcast.