Rolling the clock way back to 1994 we find Dr. Bruce living and working in Prague, the beautiful medieval capital of the Czech lands. As well as leading a team of top class Bohemian engineers at Elixir, Dr. Bruce presents his very own Prague Gnosis in three interviews edited for you here in the Zone: Jan and Krystyna Kaplan’s video documentary Good Morning Prague, Molly’s interview on Radio Metropolis, and Wendy Haller’s D-Salon arts piece on Radio Prague. Hear a very early Dr. Bruce wax poetically about the magic of Prague and the new alchemy of computers, give a futuristic view of the tech-nomadic life coming in the 21st Century, and the value of patronage of the arts in the post-communist world. Credits: Dr. Bruce Damer (interviewee), Jan Kaplan, Molly, Wendy Haller (now Drapac) (interviewers), Jacob Aman (cover art). [released 28 July 2014]