Celebrate Dr. Bruce’s Blue Moon Eclipse (56th) birthday on January 31st, 2018 by returning to a magickal night last August 31st, at Burningman 2017 with the Wizards Light troupe in the Playalchemist pyramid. Journey on this mystical musical spoken word performance on why communion traces back to our very origins and is the likely mechanism for our very survival. On top of all that, grok a novel insight of a tripartite system that may actually generate everything, from life’s beginning through all of evolution to culture, technology and even our experience of spirit in the union of communion. Credits: Brad Nye, Chris Krywulak, Mark Lee and the organizers of Playa Alchemist for the venue; Josiah Ruben and his team at Promosa (stage support, audio recording); Samantha Sweetwater (leadership, invocation, choreography and dance); DISSOLV (music, effects); Jasmine (dance) and Dr. Bruce Damer (spoken word journey). [Released 30 January 2018]

Video segments of the Wizards Light “Deep Communion” shows at Playalchemist, Burning Man 2017
Dr. Bruce’s talk at Palenque Norte 2017 (Burning Man) on The Origin and Future of Life

Views from the Deep Communion shows at PlayaAlchemist, Burning Man 2017