Apple Computer’s 30th birthday was celebrated back in November 2006 when Dr. Bruce and his DigiBarn Computer Museum hosted a lively, nerdly and funny panel featuring Steve Wozniak, Randy Wigginton, Chris Espinosa, and Daniel Kottke. The theme was: “Apple in the garage” when these four gentlemen along with Steve Jobs assembled Apple 1 computers in his parents’ garage, cooking up what would eventually become the world’s most valuable company. This episode is released to coincide with Apple’s 40th anniversary on April 1st, 2016. Credits: Dr. Bruce Damer (host), Allan Lundell (video and audio recording), Bo Millward (sound cleanup) Kyle Espenshade (theme music). [released 31 March 2016]

The DigiBarn Computer Museum at:

Full coverage of the DigiBarn’s Apple@30 event at Vintage Computer Festival #9:

Full video of Dr. Bruce’s introduction, the panel and the Q&A from the Apple@30 event:

Dr. Bruce’s slides from his introduction to the Apple@30 panel: