The Merry Pranksters return to Santa Cruz to mark the 50th anniversary of the first Acid Test! Hear George Walker, MountainĀ Girl Carolyn Garcia and Ken Babbs on stage at Don Quixote’s hold forth on deep counter-cultural history. Hosted by County Supervisor John Leopold, this important historical event, which back in 1965 spawned the Grateful Dead, is commemorated by a proclamation, and a historic marker… a bus stop! Santa Cruz honors its Psychedelic history and Dr. Bruce was there to capture it for you here in the Levity Zone. Credits: John Leopold, George Walker, Jami Cassady, Carolyn Garcia, Ken Babbs (presenters), Dr. Bruce Damer (recorder and editor), Rob Menzies and Galen Brandt (cameo appearances), Slugs N’ Roses (closing music). [released 17 December 2015]

Additional Resources (video, audio and photos):

Ken Babbs’ reading at Don Quixotes

George Walker’s reading at Don Quixotes

And Mountain Girl Carolyn Garcia’s reading at Don Quixotes

Find the Psychedelia Collection mentioned in the podcast at: