In this special edition of the Levity Zone we embark on a new leg of our journey with the start of Levity Zone Salons. The first one was held at Ancient Oaks Farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains on December 7th 2013 and featured: Dr. Bruce, Jacob Aman, Mark Boolootian, Mikey Siegel, and Travis Rios. The theme was: how do you integrate deeply powerful spiritual experiences into your everyday life? Those precious elevated states doled out from some ineffable source are rare in the human experience and successful practices to integrate them not only honor their source but could help to create a new Earth. Credits: Dr. Bruce Damer (hosting, editing), William Sol Family (music see his Prana Crafter Soundcloud here), Jacob Aman (art). [released 22 February 2014]

Ancient Oaks Farm

Ancient Oaks Farm, home of the Levity Zone