Teleport back to the “Deep 90s” in March of 1996 when Dr. Bruce and the founder of Craigslist Craig Newmark were interviewed for UC Berkeley radio KALX by journalist Darek Milewski. They opined on the future of publishing and whether the printed book would survive in the future. This brief dialogue with Craig, now a household name on the Internet, captures that innocence and dreamy time of all possibility. Craig is optimistic that many more people would soon be hooked up the Internet and that some might even take their computers to bed. This is the first in our “Deep 90s” series which will continue with Dr. Bruce and Darek talking about the medium of virtual worlds. Credits: Darek Milewski (host and interviewer), Dr. Bruce Damer and Craig Newmark (interviewees), Bo Millward (sound editing). [released 29 August 2015]