In April, 2014 the members of the Boston-based Jellicle Literary Guild met to consider a question posed virtually by Dr. Bruce on “can we remake our communities in the old model of the closely knit circle?”. See how a group of intelligent New Englanders tackle this question. Host and publisher of Scriptor Press Raymond Soulard has guided the guild since its founding in New Britain, Connecticut in 1988. If you would like to host your own “salon” with a question posed in the Levity Zone, let us know! Credits: Dr. Bruce Damer, Raymond Soulard (recording, hosting, cover art) Catfilsh Rivers (music-see his Soundcloud collection here). [released 9 jan 2015]

More About This Podcast:

The Jellicle Literary Guild was founded in New Britain, Connecticut in 1988, where meetings were held for 13 years. In 2008, it re-located to Portland, Oregon, and finally to metro-Boston in 2010. Its meetings have featured many writers, artists, and musicians, sharing their works in an atmosphere of genial, collaborative peers. In recent times, many contributors have been able to contribute by proxy, whether offering writing, pictures, audio, or video. Host of the guild meetings, Raymond Soulard invited Dr. Bruce of the Levity Zone to pose a question that would be taken up for their meeting in April, 2014. As you will hear a spirited discussion resulted with many points of view and some unique approaches to the question of whether we can, should or would remake our communities. One thing to note for those not from New England, one speaker refer’s to evidence for group consciousness being that everyone can somehow drive safely through a “rotary”. Well, a rotary is the local expression for a traffic circle, or roundabout in some countries.

If you would like to do something similar with a group in your home town, just drop us a line here at the Zone and we can record another provocative question for your group to ponder, debate, and hopefully record for a future podcast here. The Levity Zone would like to thank Raymond Soulard for his support of this experiment, as well as recording and editing. Music was provided by Catfish Rivers titled “The Moon I Love is Behind the Clouds”. Site art contributed by Raymond and site support as usual by Jacob Aman. The Jellicle Literary Guild is a project of Scriptor Press New England, and Raymond invites you to discover more Scriptor Press projects at, including many archives from Jellicle Literary Guild meetings.