Rejoin Dr. Bruce during his 2015 Levity Zone Tour in Australia for part 2 of the Sydney Serenade. Ray trace a visionary beam ¬†through the crystalline structure of Endo, diffracting through the azure jewel of civilization, passing back through ancient Australian zircons to the origin of life, completing our photonic journey in a glint off Incan temple foundations. The crystal sphere then went out to dance by moonlight and found itself in a Gaian dialogue with the local Lukuma and together they paced out a five hundred year runway to the stars. The beautiful monkeys, greatest creation of Gaia’s tool of evolution, turned the serpent to the favor of life’s future. Credits: Dr. Bruce (presenter), Vince Polito (host), DJ Tzentsak (music), Bo Millward (sound editing), Craig Brown (aka Slinky and Snudis-photography), Jacob Aman (site and cover art). [released 25 April 2015]