Rejoin Dr. Bruce during his 2015 Levity Zone Tour in Australia for part 2 of the Sydney Serenade. Ray trace a visionary beam  through the crystalline structure of Endo, diffracting through the azure jewel of civilization, passing back through ancient Australian zircons to the origin of life, completing our photonic journey in a glint off Incan temple foundations. The crystal sphere then went out to dance by moonlight and found itself in a Gaian dialogue with the local Lukuma and together they paced out a five hundred year runway to the stars. The beautiful monkeys, greatest creation of Gaia’s tool of evolution, turned the serpent to the favor of life’s future. Credits: Dr. Bruce (presenter), Vince Polito (host), DJ Tzentsak (music), Bo Millward (sound editing), Craig Brown (aka Slinky and Snudis-photography), Jacob Aman (site and cover art). [released 25 April 2015]