This second audience Q&A session for Ojai Salon number two (podcast 13) returns to a key theme for how we might reinvent a beautiful world by the year 2050. Central to that vision is the re-centering of civilization on the feminine. Sara, Dennis, Jeff, and Dr. Bruce explore the rise of the feminine in the west, Travel from 21st Century Europe where women’s power is strongly returning back to the shores of southern Africa where the male manic monkey may have been born in the very hearth and home of mitochondrial Eve, our common mother. So, are we finally witnessing the sunset of male patriarchy? Is there a powerful and transformative story that we could tell the world to begin that return to a healthy planet for us monkeys?  Credits: Dr. Bruce Damer (intro, editing), Steve Murtaugh (music-see his Splanc portfolio here), Jacob Aman (art), Jeffrey Harris (photography) [released 15 August 2013].