In part two of the Bubble Culture Dhiren Dasu and Dr. Bruce continue to tackle the trends, economics, and purported transformational community of the festival scene. This August 2013 studio session unravels the ‘entitlement generation’ and recalls the features of real community versus the ephemeral and unsustainable nature of the festivals. While peak experiences have value, Dr. Bruce asks the question: does the festival scene feed the machine? Still there is a chance for the opening of lives through transformational experience but we have the happenings from the fabled but failed 1960s Haight Ashbury to serve as our warning about the cost of casualties. Credits: Dhiren Dasu and Dr. Bruce Damer (discussants, recording, editing), Dubr8r (music), Penny Slinger (photography) and Jacob Aman (layout). [released 9 May 2014]