A spirited group in Ojai Salon number 3 takes on a big theme: what is the highest purpose of humanity? Topics include: our deepest origins in time, bringing a new myth to the extant world, alien abduction visions, Burning Man as a vehicle for ascension, the thinking of joseph campbell, or simply existing in the present. It is true that humanity is already on the best possible path, carried along by the enormity of nature, and that we are accelerating toward some kind of ascension? This positive group of young people including join Golan, Aleli, Ingrid, Johann, Immanuel, Andros, Nathalie, David, Beth, Sol, Rebecca and yours truly, Dr. Bruce seemed well prepared ready to take on this transformation and through each of their good works were well poised to make that come to pass. The Salon ended with all of us coming back to the present to a glorious fruit pie and some beautiful improvised strings on the oud, guitar,  flute and voice by David, Golan, Johann, Beth and Ingrid. Credits: Dr. Bruce Damer (intro, editing), David Bergaud, Aleli, Golan Donino, Johann Wolf, Beth Leone and Ingrid (music). [released 14 September 2013]