Dr. Bruce returns after a two month hiatus with the first of two talks from the June 2017 Science of Consciousness Conference in La Jolla, California. The first, an interview by Nick Day of Consciousness Central, is a wide ranging conversation exploring the implications of the new Hot Spring Origin of Life hypothesis for biology, physics, philosophy and the origin and phenomenon of consciousness. Credits: Nick Day (interviewer), Dr. Bruce Damer (interviewee), Consciousness Central (recording and cover photo). [released 31 July 2017]

Video Resources:

Consciousness Central with Nick Day. BRUCE DAMER on the origins of life — full interview

Dr. Bruce Damer’s plenary talk at the Science of Consciousness Conference, La Jolla, CA on the topic of “The Origin and Evolution Of Life and Consciousness” on June 10, 2017:

The full afternoon Plenary 13: Dr. Bruce Damer on the Origin of Life and Consciousness with Alysson Muotri and Stuart Hameroff.