For the 50th Levity Zone podcast Dr. Bruce offers: “Fire in the Sky” a four part full tilt poetic journey from the birth of the cosmos through the origin of life and human conscious awareness. This piece was later performed on stage with Android Jones and Val Santana at the 2016 Lightning in a Bottle festival. Credits: Dr. Bruce Damer (performer), Lisa Cory (cover photography), Val Santana/DJ DISSOLV (recording and music mixing). [released 29 September 2016]


Music for this episode was mixed in by DJ DISSOLV aka Val Santana. find more of his work on SoundCloud:

Fire in the Sky, a spoken word performance at Lighting in a Bottle 2016:
Cell phone capture here, High quality video and audio: TBD

Find source files and a Voice Only version for your remixing projects at the: Levity Zone Archive

Views from the performance at Lightning in a Bottle, May 2016. Visuals by Android Jones, Music by Val Santana