Dr. Bruce presents his greatest idea yet for spaceflight in the first of two TEDx talks given for TEDxSantaCruz on April 24, 2015. Hear how humanity might create a sustainable presence in the solar system in this century through SHEPHERD, an innovative new type of spacecraft. After the TEDx talk we continue with an extended discussion about new possibilities in space with Michael Phillip of the Midwest Real podcast. Credits: Dr. Bruce Damer (introducer and presenter), TEDxSantaCruz (event host), Ryan Norkus (TEDx graphics and animation), Reno de Caro (Photography), Bo Millward (sound editing), Michael Phillip (Midwest Real Podcast segment), Jacob Aman (site). [released 12 June 2015]

Additional Resources

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Also see the second TEDx talk on the Origin of Life by Dr. Bruce Damer relating in an interesting way to the first one.

Find our NewSpace Journal article on SHEPHERD here (PDF). Find original journal article link here (paid access).

The Midwest Real Podcast by Michael Phillip is here: http://midwestreal.net