Dr. Bruce Down Under Levity Tour 2015 completed!

On January 24-26th 2015 at the vibrant Rainbow Serpent Festival in Victoria Dr. Bruce delivered three daily talks on our human visionary origins and future. An open evening salon and performance with the band of Joe Oppenheimer was held in Melbourne on the 29th at Mycelium Studios. Dr. Bruce then celebrated his 53rd birthday with another rap session with a DJ at Create Art or Die in Sydney. Heading northward to Byron Bay Dr. Bruce headlined the Somara shamanic medicine forum on February 7-8th followed by a podcast in Brisbane on the 10th and two talks at the Earth Frequency Festival in Queensland on February 13-16th.

Detailed Tour Itinerary and Talks:

Dr. Bruce Down Under Levity Tour 2015 (January-February)
Dates, Events, Talks

Jan 23-26: Rainbow Serpent Festival (lifestyle village)
Lexton, Victoria

Saturday: The Monkey Ascension

Our earliest ancestors came to vision in the forest canopy while in the mesmeric spell of the serpent. Today we well-meaning monkeys have set the Earth in the grip of its coil in the form of the products of our minds: ego, technology and story. Dr. Bruce projects us forward to a time when we will ride the snake while drawing deeply from our better nature to make an ascension to a new civilization worthy of the miracle of our being and a new story worthy of the telling.

Sunday: The Eleusinian Return

The Eleusinian Mysteries and other festivals of the ancient world lit up the mind of humanity and initiated our civilization. The temple at Eleusis was destroyed in the fourth Century by elements of an inferior culture that possibly still entraps us. Everywhere around the globe new rites are rising to release us from that culture and initiate a new civilization. Dr. Bruce will shine a lens on our deepest origins in time to bring back a given vision of the future evolution of community.

Third talk on Monday: Behold the Orb

What was beheld by the initiants at Eleusis? What shone into the opened heart of Gautama Buddha? What beckons to you as you unfold on the glassine plain? When you see it are you beyond being human? It is a word beyond words but we may dance around it and celebrate it in unity. Dr. Bruce will tell his tale of new news from that Orb as spied over the leaftops of Amazonia and the cloudtops of the Inka. For it turns out that the cosmogenerator is beholding us too. And that’s where it all begins, really begins.

Jan 29: Melbourne 7pm-10pm
Melbourne Evolver Lounge

Mycelium Studios
255 Johnston St. Abbotsford, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3067
See Facebook Page here.

Bruce Damer is teamed up with The Evolver Lounge and Joe Oppenheimer and his band to create an immersive storyspace for your endogenous pleasure. Just days after speaking at the Rainbow Serpent Festival, this is Bruce’s only public appearance in Melbourne. Accompanied by a small retinue of electro-acoustic musicians led by Joe Oppenheimer, Bruce guided us through a number of bizarre and exciting places he has visited in his diverse career as a scientist, designer, technologist, speaker, and thinker of very interesting thoughts. Evidence proves that Bruce and the handpicked musicians are of a high improvisational and academic quality, and naturally psychedelic in spirit, so this unique meeting created significant ripples through our local volume of spacetime.

Jan 31: Sydney 7:30pm
Sydney Evolver Spore Presents Bruce Damer’s Cosmic Birthday Party with Deepsea Lights and more
Create or Die Warehouse, 10 Mitchell St, Marrickville
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Direct ticketing page is: http://www.trybooksing.com/GTFP

On Saturday 31st January Sydney Spore is throwing a birthday party for a very special guest:

We will be hosting Dr Bruce Damer. Dr. Bruce is a highly interesting character. He and Terence McKenna explored virtual worlds in the 1990s and transited possibility space on subjects of concrescence, evolution, the future of life in the universe and the singularity. Dr. Bruce has a similar eclectic style of presentation that ranges seamlessly across a wide range of topics. He is also a designer and scientist. For a decade he led a team developing simulations for NASA, and is currently designing human and robotic missions to nearby asteroids. He also currently works in the chemistry of the origin of life, holds a library of visionary thinkers including Timothy Leary’s extant archives and curates one of the world’s largest collections of vintage computers in his DigiBarn computer museum. He is also a long time burner, participant in the annual Palenque Norte speaker series and hosts the Levity Zone podcast (www.levityzone.org). All up a proper a space cadet! The night we are hosting Bruce also happens to be his 53rd birthday and so we are throwing a party!

The evening will be a relaxed festive affair with cosmically outstanding musical performances by Deepsea Lights and and others to be announced, with VJing by Slinky and Snudis. We’ll hear Dr Damer weave his tale “Monkey Beholds Cosmogenerator Beholds Monkey” and there will be plenty of time for conversation.

This will be a special night with a totally unique guest of honor, some amazing music and a chance to party with fellow Sydney psychonauts. We hope you can join us for a birthday party like no other. Remember to BYO drinks.

Monkey Beholds Cosmogenerator Beholds Monkey

What was beheld by the initiants at Eleusis? What shone into the opened heart of Gautama Buddha? What beckons to you as you unfold on the glassine plain? When you see it are you beyond being human? It is a word beyond words but we may dance around it and celebrate it in unity. Dr. Bruce will tell his tale of new news from that Orb as spied over the leaftops of Amazonia and the cloudtops of the Inka. For it turns out that the cosmogenerator is beholding us too. And that’s where it all begins, really begins.

Feb 7-8: Byron Bay
Somara Shamanic forum at Starseed Gardens (with Rak Razam)

The Endo Way

Extraordinary reports are emerging of “endogenous” (generated through the natural chemistry of mind) voyaging. This “Endo” way is providing access to realms previously thought possible only through the use of medicines, meditation, privation or other practices. Gateways to Endo come through genetic predisposition, intention, breathwork, yoga or meditation, lucid dreaming or the insight by some that the mind itself is an operating system capable of running “apps”. In combination with other practices, Endo can power elevated states from within and permit rapid fire composition of journey streams that can lift one to the precipice of the infinite. Endo may in fact be the oldest way as it could have been the waking state of our ancestors during their full realization of consciousness before the coming of language. Dr. Bruce Damer recounted his research into practitioners of Endo and relate some of his own travels in the “Endoverse”.

Dance With the Plants

A rap on an ultimate teaching with a plant, in this the heat of plant rich Australia: Starseed Gardens.

Feb 10: Brisbane Levity Zone Salon: The Deep Tek Trek
Levity Zone Salon podcast show hosted by Joseph Starseeder

The Levity Zone Comes to Brisbane. Join Dr. Bruce Damer for an edition of the Levity Zone Salon, recorded for Joe’s new podcast and also the Levity Zone Podcast (www.levityzone.org) in Brisbane Australia on February 10th. Topics included:

Deep Space: Asteroid and Comet Capture for Sustainable Spaceflight in the 21st Century
Deep Origins: New Model for the Origin of Life in Little Warm Ponds 4 Billion Years Ago
Deep Digital: The Origin and Evolution and Future of the Bit
Deep Psy: Plumbing the Depths of the Monkey Neuronal Bundle Seeking Doorways to the Ineffable


Feb 13-16: Earth Frequency Festival (frequency village)
Ivory’s Rock, Queensland

Talk 1: Lifes Deepest Prerogative

In the beginning, the cosmos awoke from sleep and unfolded its exquisite climb into complexity. Life collectively lifted the precious jewels of evolution through the sieve of selection. As we understand how we came into being Life’s prerogative becomes our prerogative. When we commune with Nature she brings us a vision of a sustainable world while we provide her a pathway to new worlds. Dr. Bruce took us on a 13 billion year journey through the cosmos into the Great Project of Being with the byword: yes we’ll make it!

Talk 2: The Emerald and the Azure Civilization

Are we destined to live in a world of the Azure, enmeshed within the cold blue of technology, surrounded with a few soft green dots of the Emerald, the natural world of Old Terra? Understanding where our perspective was born and where it is today will allow us to lift our vision back to the horizon and set a new course.  Dr. Bruce drew from a globe-spanning journey through technology and conscious evolution to reveal a hidden map that may guide us from Azure contraction back to Emerald Expansion.

Bio – Dr. Bruce

Dr. Bruce Damer is an explorer of liminal realms at the edge of consciousness. His mission is to journey back with insights to help humanity in its deepest quests in science, in achieving a healthy long-term civilization, in extending life into beyond the Earth, and in the evolution of community beyond mind. Dr. Bruce leads simulation and design efforts for NASA and the space community, researches the biochemical origins of life at UC Santa Cruz, curates a world renowned historic computer collection, and houses libraries from Dr. Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna and other fellow liminal explorers. Dr. Bruce hosts talks, workshops and salons worldwide for his podcast: the Levity Zone.

More on Dr. Bruce at: http://www.damer.com





STATEMENT piece for Projections Magazine (published for Rainbow Serpent Festival):

The Earth is awakening, from mycelium to rhizome. Deep in the Amazon rain forest stirs the return of full shamanic power to the planet as plants exert their power on the monkey mind of humanity. In the high Andes Incan gods gaze down in stone faced power upon moonlit ceremonies and awaken the high spirits. As this happens, in the azure cool glass and steel of our civilization the serpent of technology tightens its coil and threatens the very viability of consciousness itself, Nature’s most precious creation.

The future child is the hope of humanity, as she rises up, penetrating that glass, freeing life out beyond the womb of the world and leading us in to inner enlightenment. As the monkeys finally break free from their self-created tomb of mind-torment they will emerge into a new day and sing.

Group intention can and will birth that future child, in circles and in festivals all along the edges of the Earth. As the music lifts, the lights will dance, our bodies will move, our minds shall elevate, and our souls crack open and we will return to the emerald world of magic. The radiant knowing of a new Eleusis will then return us to the promise and purpose of civilization.

Dr. Bruce Damer
Santa Cruz, California
4 Nov 2014